Naturopathic Herbalism

Herbal medicine has been in use for over 2000 years and treats the person not the illness. The whole lifestyle of the patient is evaluated including emotional and circumstanial factors as well as physical symptoms. Only when underlying causes are identified and appropriately treated can lasting healing result.

The finest medicinal herbs,bach flowers together with lifestyle and  dietary recommendations are the main modes of treatment.



Confused with the myriad of conflicting advice out there?

Come and get some sensible advice on what to eat whether you just want you and your family to be well or you have particular health goals such as weight loss, increased energy etc.

No fad diets or weight loss products.



Your irises ( the coloured part of your eyes) are a reflection of your current inner health. Your irises will be examined and photographed  with a state of the art digital camera to aid a through and professional health diagnosis.

Iridology is part of a naturopathic consultation and is not normally used in isolation.


Bach Flowers

38 remedies were developed in the 1930's by Dr Edward Bach a prominent UK physician when he realised the importance of emotional factors in predisposing his patients to illness. These remedies operate on emotional states and are capable of profund healing.

Bach Flowers are used as part of a naturopathic consultation together with herbs to maximise healing but can be used seperately and are ideal for children and animals.  


Journey Therapy

Journey Therapy is a powerful and yet gentle method of emotional healing. Unlike other therapies you don't have to know anything and so its a fast track way of healing that is very complementary to natural medicine.   

Its a gentle guided elicitation that allows your own body's wisdom to unlock damaging stored memories and release them safely,naturally and easily. Journey Therapy is suitable for fears,stress,weight loss,anxiety,phobias,relationship issues as well as physical illness (particularly chronic illness) for all ages from 6 to 106.   

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SLM Massage

SLM massage is an advanced form of massage that uses a unique combination of acupressure, myofascial and massage techniques that helps rid the body of pain and injury by rebalancing the body. 

SLM can be used on a wide variety of conditions like back and neck pain, knee, hip and elbow pain, groin calf and foot pain, chronic muscle pain, trauma injuries, sciatica, headaches and digestive problems and it is also perfect for relaxing and rebalancing the body where there is no pain.

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Remedial Massage

Massage is the oldest form of physical medicine and works on both mind and body. Ideal for relieving stress and muscular tension it is also beneficial for a wide variety of conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, sciatica, constipation, high blood pressure and low immunity.



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