SLM Massage


Rebalance Your Body

Michelle Toocaram is now offering SLM remedial massage which is an advanced form of massage that uses a unique combination of acupressure and massage techniques that helps rid the body of pain and injury by rebalancing the body.

SLM is based on an ancient form of Japanese massage that adopts a holistic approach to healing the body that puts length and function back into muscles combined with exercise and diet.

SLM can be used on a wide variety of conditions such as


  • Back,neck,hip and sciatica pain
  • Elbow,shoulder,knee pain
  • Calf and foot pain
  • Groin pain
  • Chronic muscle pain
  • Injuries and trauma
  • Headaches and digestive problems
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Stress relief
  • Poor immunity

SLM is suitable for the average person, athletes and active people as well as children.

Whatever your lifestyle, everyone has occasions when their body is in pain or out of balance. SLM is a fast and effective way of returning the body to it's normal state whilst treating the cause of the problem so that it doesn't return.

SLM has been developed by Steve Lockhart for more information click here.

Or call Michelle on 0414 996 360 to discuss your particular problem.



Chronic hip pain

I had had chronic hip pain for many years. I was recommended to see Michelle but told her she wouldn't be able to fix me as noone else ( and I have tried many other therapies) could. Imagine how happy I was when I could sleep without pain after one session. After a couple more treatments I am now pain free and just have monthly maintenance treatments to keep me balanced. Michelle is very kind and professional in her approach and I highly recommend her.

Sue, Killara  


Arm pain  

I hurt my arm in an accident several years ago had lots of physio and thought my arm was better. 18m ago it started to hurt again and got steadily worse. I am a builder so need my arms and it got so bad I could hardly work. I went to see Michelle and after one treatment I could move my arm without pain. My arm is now so good I feel like a different person and I am able to work without problem. Thank you!

Michael, St Ives


Neck pain & Headaches

I have had chronic neck pain for many years and tried many therapies but nothing really made a difference. Michelle explained that my hips were twisted and tilted that was affecting my neck and causing my bad headaches. The SLM massage is wonderful and really helped me and Michelle also advised me on posture and suitable exercises. I am so happy to be free of my headaches and neck pain.

Lindy, Turramurra




Why do I experience pain?

Through a variety of activities or just our lifestyle in general, the body gets 'out of balance'. Often what starts out as a small problem, builds up over time and before you know it a chronic pain condition has surfaced and stayed or an acute injury happens out of nowhere.  

By fixing the imbalance you invariably fix the original cause of the problem and so the pain is often gone for good. The full body, deep tissue, incredibly effective SLM bodywork techniques are one way you can safely achieve this.


I have a disc problem can you help me?

Discs are pulled out of place by muscles so the best way to correct it is by releasing the muscles.  


Why won't working where I feel pain provide a long term solution?

Where you feel pain is rarely the cause of the problem. For example a neck or shoulder problem may be due to your hips being out of balance. A groin problem may be the result of tight leg muscles. All your muscles are connected to each other so the best way to get lasting relief is to treat the whole body and correct all the imbalances found there. If you don't do this problems resurface at a later date somewhere in your body.


I don't have any pain is SLM suitable for me?

Absolutely. SLM will correct any imbalances in your body before they cause you any problems and restore length and function to all muscles in your body. You will feel lighter and relaxed and sleep better. Its the perfect stress buster!  


Will stretching help my pain?

Surprisingly no. Although the standard advice is to stretch research has shown that it does not provide any longterm benefits. This is because stretching does not unblock a tight muscle all it does is weaken the attachments of the muscle to the joints which is the weakest point. Some temporary relief is felt but the problem will resurface at some point maybe even years later.

For more information click here.


How is SLM different from other massage or other therapies?

Other therapies such as remedial massage relaxes the muscles. Physio and chiro etc work on specific areas but do not rebalance the whole body.You may feel good afterwards and you may get temporary relief of your problem but it hasn't fixed anything. SLM is different as the whole body is rebalanced. The muscles are released not just relaxed and muscles that are not functioning will be fired up. You will feel the difference after one treatment.


I have injured myself how quickly should I come for a treatment?

As soon as possible. When you sustain an injury the tissues get traumatized. The quicker the trauma is removed and the imbalance that caused the injury in the first place is corrected the quicker your body will heal. If there are substantial cuts or grazes it may be necessary to wait until they have healed but often they can be worked around.


Nothing has been able to heIp me so far, is there any point trying SLM?

Absolutely. SLM is very different from any other bodywork in that it rebalances the whole body fixing the causes of pain and does not just focus on the site of pain. 


Do I use ice or heat on a new injury?

Ice is the usual advice to stop bleeding but it traumatises the tissues so heat is better. If there is a lot of bleeding use ice for a maximum of 10 minutes once only and call for advice.


How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on the nature of your problem, how long you have had it and how fit and healthy you are. Most people feel better after one treatment but a series of treatments is often needed to retrain the muscles and provide lasting relief. Once your body is balanced then a monthly maintenance treatment is recommended to keep your body that way.


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