Headaches, Nausea & Fertility

"We tried for years to have a baby without success, I was tired all the time and suffering from nausea and headaches. First Michelle sorted out all my health problems and then gave me herbs to aid fertility. A few months later to our joy and amazement I fell pregnant and was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby. A gift we could not have had without her help. Michelle has also assisted my family with various other health issues ranging form skin problems, low immunity and fatigue with great success."

- Sonia, Lane Cove.


Aching Joints

"I have suffered for years with aching joints, rhematoid arthritis and then it got worse and I was told I may also have fibromyalgia. I started on Michelle's herbal tonic and by the time I got to see the specialist I was feeling fine. I am so grateful to be free of the terrible pain and to not have to take any drugs which all have side effects have side effcts. I know that the tonic really works because if I forget to take it I feel the difference in a short period."

- Joan, Stanmore.


Cancer & Fertility

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer May 2005. I was 36 years old, just married and wanting to start a family. I don't know which was worse, being told I had cancer or realising that I may never have children. I was devastated and in shock. I had the cancer tumor removed and then underwent chemotherapy and radio therapy.

I was referred to Michelle by a friend and I went to see her with the aim of protecting my fertility. Michelle did much more than that. Michelle minimised the unwanted side effects of the chemo and radio therapy on my general health during treatment and she helped me to regain my health and stamina after treatment. But the most amazing thing was that by following Michelle's treatment and advice I regained my fertility and 6 months after my breast cancer treatment was finished I was pregnant! I had a great pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful daughter in April 2007. And again, with Michelle's treatment and advice, I fully breast fed my daughter until 14 months with one breast (my left breast did not produce milk because of the radio therapy). My daughter is a very happy, healthy 3 year old and my health has been very good.

I have learnt so much about health and nutrition over the 5 years that I have been seeing Michelle. Much more that anything published in mainstream media and books."

- Samita Dawes, Bronte.


"I really appreciate Michelle’s expert advice in guiding me through the maze of breast cancer treatment. Michelle prescribed herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements which minimised the side effects of chemotherapy.I forgot my herbs one day and felt awfull so I know they really helped. In addition Michelle’s lymph drainage massage and advice stopped my arm swelling up after surgery."

- Trina, Darling Point.



Liver function

"I contacted Michelle as soon as I discovered that my blood Gamma GT was three times the normal rate. I was reluctant to explore the problem using the conventional methods of medicine. Knowing that Michelle had previously treated my son successfully with his allergy problems…I too opted to use a natural herbal method provided by Michelle. Consultations with Michelle were in depth and detailed and her suggestions were valuable and beneficial. After 3 short months I was rewarded with my Gamma GT count returning to its normal level. The immediate and positive outcome came as a great relief’."

- Kathy, Ryde.


Thyroid, high cholesterol & immunity

"I went to Michelle to lose weight and I was delighted to discover that not only did I lose weight but my thyroid function, blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels also returned to normal after a short period of herbal treatment. I was very relieved to come off thyroid medication and not to have to take cholesterol drugs with all their side effects. Michelle also cured my daughter’s constant ear infections that antibiotics had not helped."

- Ruth, St Ives.



"I went to Michelle last year when I finally got fed up with my seasonal hayfever and allergy. I did not want to take any more conventional allergy medicines that would turn me into a zombie for the rest of the day (the non-drowsy medicines just weren’t strong enough!). My condition definitely improved after a few weeks and I did not need to take any more allergy tablets during that allergy season. This year, on Michelle’s prompting, I started the herbal medicine early before the allergy season took full swing and I definitely fared better than last! My resistance to allergens have definitely improved through her help and advice."

- Andrew, Lindfield.


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