Are Supplements Necessary? 

by Michelle Toocaram, naturopathic herbalist


I wish they weren't! When I first studied nutrition over 20 years ago I was shocked to learn that even if we eat really well ( which we should still try and do ) we still can't get all our nutritional needs from food.


Sadly our soils have become so depleted that there just aren't sufficient minerals in our soils through over farming and the overuse of pesticides and herbicides. Australian soils were not that good in the first place and are even worse now. For example we would need to eat over 14 times the amount of spinach today to get the same nutritional value from the spinach that we would have got 60 years ago. 

So what can we do?

The one place on the planet that is still rich in minerals is the ocean especially the deep oceans that are still clean so sea vegetables are the answer. Of course unless you are Japanese ( traditionally 25% of their diet is sea vegetables!) you are going to struggle to eat enough sea vegetables. And don't they taste awful I hear you say?


Which supplement should I choose?

After years of searching and testing different sea vegetable products I have found one that I am happy to use and recommend. It's an all natural concentrated sea vegetable product called Body Balance that surprisingly tastes good and does you good. It contains 9 different DEEP sea vegetables from pristine oceans plus certified organic aloe vera from mineral rich volanic soils in Mexico and provides over 120 vitamins,minerals, enzymes, amino acids in a bio available liquid form that your body can readily absorb.

I drink it every day and its suitable for most people from ages 1 to 101.

It was developed 28 years ago so is well tried and tested but in case you aren't sure it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Delicious & nutritious!

For more information contact Michelle on 0414996360 or


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