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Q: Do you accept cards?

A: Yes EFTPOS /HICAPS facilities are available. Debit ,Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. There is a charge for all credit cards at the rate set by the bank, no charge for debit or EFTPOS cards.

HICAPS ( automatic claiming on treatments) is available for remedial massage treatments for most health funds.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Gift vouchers for any amount are available for all treatments.

Naturopathic Herbal Medicine

  • Initial ( 2 hrs) $300
    includes iridology and iris photos
  • Followups ( 1.5 hr or 1 hour) $197 or $130
  • Short Followup ( Half an hour) $70
  • Children ( Under 8) ( 45 minutes) $100


  • Initial ( 1 hour) $130
  • Follow ups ( half hour) $70

Journey Therapy

  • Designer Journey ( allow three +  hours) $450 includes follow up and preparation
  • Children ( under 12) ( one hour) $150
  • Phobias / Addictions ( one hour) $150

SLM Remedial Massage

  • 90 minutes $190
  • 75 minutes $160
  • One hour $130

Remedial Massage

  • One hour $130
  • 75 minutes $160

Q: What to expect from a naturopathic consultation?

A: The initial consultation is 2 hrs. A detailed history of your health and lifestyle patterns will be reviewed. Your irises, tongue and nails will also be examined and your irises photographed to provide a more accurate picture of your current health challenges.

Follow up consultations are generally an hour to an hour and a half depending on how complex your issues are and will monitor your progress. At the final consultation personalised recommendations for diet and lifestyle will be made to enable you to maintain optimal health going forward.

Q: How many appointments will I need?

A: This will depend on how serious your condition is and how long you have had it. Generally allow one month for each year of illness. For many people three to four consultations one month apart are sufficient to resolve most health issues.

Q: What to expect from a Journey Therapy session?

A: Journey Therapy is a gentle guided elicitation which identifies stored memories and releases them safely enabling you to be free of fears, anger, anxiety, grief or whatever debilitating blocks have stifled you for years. Journey Therapy normally takes 2-3 hours for adults and up to an hour for children. Click here for more information.

Q: How many Journey sessions will I need?

A: It depends on how complex your issue is. Most people need 2-3 sessions to fully clear a particular issue.

Q: I am a cancer patient, how can you help me?

A: Michelle has a lot of experience in helping cancer patients and can help in a variety of ways whatever stage of diagnosis and treatment you are at. Ideally seek help as early as possible.

  1. Advice on the best anti cancer diet and supplements.
  2. Help with herbal tonics during treatment to maximise the benefit and minimise side effects.
  3. Michelle believes that nearly every illness has an emotional cause especially cancer. Journey Therapy is a powerful and safe way of getting to the cause of the problem and resolving it so your body can then heal itself.
  4. Tailored detox after treatment to bring you back to maximum health.
  5. Guidance with maximising your health going forward.

Q: Questions about SLM Massage?

Click here.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: I understand that circumstances change so if you need to change your appointment please give me as much notice as possible. At least 48 hours notice otherwise a cancellation fee may be charged.

The full amount of the appointment cost is charged for no shows or appointments cancelled within 2 hours of the appointment time.