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Optimising Your
Health Naturally

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Looking For Natural Solutions?

St Ives Health Clinic provides a holistic approach to all your health challenges including fatigue, digestive issues, anxiety, skin problems, insomnia and auto immune disorders for adults and children.

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How we can help

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. - Hippocrates


We are all different, find out what YOU should be eating.

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Treating the root cause of disease with food, herbal medicine and physical therapies as appropriate.

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Herbal Medicine

Using low dose organic and wild crafted herbs for maximum effectiveness and minimum cost.

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An ancient assessment technique which identifies potential strengths and challenges in your body.

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Journey Therapy

Deep dive therapy to release emotional blocks.

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Bach Flowers

Using flower essences to assist with emotional issues.

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Slm Remedial Massage

A traditional Japanese massage that rebalances the body and fixes pain.

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Natural Solutions

Natural solutions to treat fatigue, digestive issues, anxiety, skin problems, insomnia and auto immune disorders.

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Need To De-stress?

We offer SLM massage which is a unique ancient Japanese deep tissue Remedial Massage to rebalance your body, smooth away your stress and fix your pain.

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Natural Solutions


Pain Relief


Holistic Approach

Your Practitioner

Michelle Toocaram offers sensible and practical solutions to your physical and emotional health issues. Using the best quality organic and wild crafted herbal medicines and easy life style strategies to get you to optimal health as quickly as possible. Low dose herbal tonics are used to maximise efficacy and safety and minimise costs.

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Find out how we can help you to optimise your health naturally.

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