What is Bioresonance therapy?  

We are electricial beings. The human body emits different electromagnetic oscillations, just like radio waves, and our cells, tissues and organs all have their own specific oscillations.

The cells, tissues and organs of a sick person have a different vibration to that of a healthy person.

The Imedis bioresonance device is a sophisticated machine that can check the vibrations of every organ in your body at a very detailed level looking at your heart, lungs, stomach lining, liver ducts etc right through all your body systems and build up a complete picture of your current health situation from a functional perspective.

Once a complete health profile is prepared then appropriate treatment can be given. Bioresonance therapy is safe, gentle therapy that uses your own oscillations to rebalance your body. If appropriate remedies ( in the form of pills or drops) are then created that are specifically targeted to you that correct the unhealthy patterns and allow your body to heal itself.

Magnet therapy which uses external frequencies may be appropriate if you have parasites and /or are very depleted.

The Imedis device can also be used to identify and remove allergies, pinpoint which vitamin and minerals you are lacking and to check which supplements etc are beneficial for you.

Bioresonance ( or neuromodulation) has been called a combination of acupuncture,homeopathy and quantum physics. It works on your nervous system to rebalance you.


What can be treated with Bioresonance therapy?  

Most conditions can benefit from treatment.

Commonly treated conditions include:

  • fatigue
  • digestive problems
  • skin diseases
  • hormonal issues
  • headaches
  • poor immunity 
  • anxiety
  • chronic disease
  • allergies
  • preventative health check

Call Michelle to discuss your issues or for more information on 0414 996360.  

Because the device can pick up problems at a very low level before symptoms arise it is ideal for checking overall health as a preventative measure.

Not sure if you are allergic to certain foods? The bioresonance device can tell very quickly which foods agree with you and which don't.


Advanced Bioresonance

Since mid 2013 Michelle now uses advanced bioresonance a sophisicated method developed by Russian experts. Advanced Bioresonance finds the core issue in the body and heals issues quicker . It is also perfect for resolving multiple allergies.

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Here are what some people have said about Bioresonance therapy with Michelle:


Weight gain & digestive problems

I came to see Michelle complaining of feeling bloated and weight gain. I was very skeptical about being tested with the machine but Michelle has helped me alot in the past so I trust her. The machine picked up 4 different types of candida ( plus many more interesting things!) and Michelle gave me remedies made by the machine and herbs and put me on a special diet. Within 4 days my gut felt calmer and the bloating and excess weight disappeared which was such a relief to me. A month later the candida had completely gone and other areas of weakness had improved. Since then Michelle has tested my kids and helped them with food allergies and frequent infections. My kids love the remedies which really helps! I highly recommend this therapy to everyone.



Urinary tract, immunity & digestive problems

I have seen Michelle ongoingly since 2005, following a breast cancer diagnosis. Her naturopathic treatments and supplements assisted to minimise the adverse effects of chemotherapy and boost my immune system to have the fight of it's life! I also had long-standing gastrointestinal problems which doctors advised I would be medicated forever to treat; however, Michelle has successfully rectified the issues. Apart from naturopathy, I have also done the Journey Therapy and now more recently Bioresonance Therapy. I must admit that it has been tricky to completely understand the whole bioresonance concept, but I can attest to its effectiveness. The machine has correctly identified all existing ailments known to me...plus more! The homeopathic medicine is tailored to combat the problems and I have found it far more pleasurable than other alternative medicines. Apart from her knowledge and dedication, Michelle is a caring and compassionate woman who is well worth visiting to better your health.  

Kate, Manly  

Food intolerance

I would like to thank Michelle for her help with my 12 year old son.  I knew that there was a food that he was having an issue with, he was getting cramping and diarrhea, but I could not pin point what it was.  After Michelle tested him with her bioresonance machine and identified lactose as the problem, we cut that out of his diet.  What a difference!  No more ‘tummy troubles’.  He is so pleased to feel better that he does not mind cutting out lactose foods.  We are so happy that the mystery is solved.

Jenny, Wahroonga




History of Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy was developed in the 1970s by the German Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Rasche. It combines the principles of acupuncture and homeopathy with quantum physics. Since then it has been further developed in Germany and Russia and is widely used by medical practitioners there.

The Imedis is considered to be one of the top devices available in the world. Further information on Imedis can be found here.






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